Friday, June 08, 2007

While I Was Away, or A Time to Hustle and A Time to Flow

Blogging, like most addictions, doesn't pay for itself. It's hard work keeping that monkey fed. And for "between jobs," "independent consultant" types such as yours truly, occasional desperate measures -- such as a temporary shelving of The Habit -- are necessary.

That said, having resumed full-time employment and already returned from vacation, I'm pleased to report that, gentlemen, the bar is officially open!

I expect to make up for lost time shortly, although likely this means more hustling and less flowing, as the summer doesn't offer a wealth of material for college football blogging, other than snarkitude regarding the crimes and misdemeanors our team's 18-22-year-old indentured mercenaries, a topic more than capably documented on Orson Swindle's Fulmer Cup.

Also, a word about the Hoooka player below: Much to my irritation, there is no auto-disable function on the player, which means the preview for Before the Music Dies launches every time you load this page. And it means every time I post, that player goes further down the page and thus gets incrementally harder to find and pause. I've been exchanging e-mails with Indie911 about this and they haven't evidenced much of a sense of urgency on the matter. Likely what I'll do is move the player to my old blog,, and link it from here. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.




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