Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's (really) Killing Music

As with most things, I'm a little overdue on this, but I'd like to spotlight Austin filmmakers Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen, whose film Before the Music Dies goes beyond facile demonization of downloaders to explore the real sources of malaise in the music industry, which include radio consolidation, mass popstar production, the death-by-Wal-Mart of the traditional record store and more. Today, courtesy of online social network and music store indie911 and B-Side Entertainment, the film's distributor, the full movie is available for download, blessedly sans DRM for $9.99 in hi-res or $3.99 in lo-res. Thanks to the viral marketing efforts of B-Side and indie911, I'm hosting it right here on Apropos de Nada and if you're interested in doing something similar on your site, go here.

Edit: I had to move the player here, as I have no way of keeping it from automatically launching every time you load this page.

Courtesy of some clips that the filmmakers have shared on YouTube, here's a taste of their excellent work:

First, the teaser:

Second, the Clear Channel effect:

Third, how to create a sexy popstar:

There are a few more clips here, but film is well worth seeing in its entirety.

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