Saturday, February 25, 2006

Shalom, bitches!

I can't quit you, baby. So I had to put you down for awhile.
- Willie Dixon

So here's the gig. When I sold out to The Man, I agreed to restrict my digital music musings on the Digital Music Blog. Likewise, anything about Google, Yahoo! and peer-to-peer goes to its respective home at Weblogs Inc.

But, either out of a need to diversify or driven by ADD, I needed another outlet for my ramblings, so I've come crawling back, with hat in hand and a crocodile tear in the eye.

Bottled Blues
will be my gonzo joint, a virtual Woody Creek to which I'll periodically decamp and take aim at all the bats on my dashboard, real or otherwise. I could speculate about what's coming next, but I don't want to make promises I can't keep so I'll leave it at this: when I come across something weird, brilliant or galatically stupid, I'll probably give it an airing here, unless it overlaps with the aforementioned blogs. In the spirit of taking liberties (and I plan to take a few as I toss off the shackles of journalistic convention), the language may be saltier, the post rate may be less predictable and the focus will definitely be out the window, but, regardless, I promise to make it interesting.


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